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Data Over Multiple Individual Occurrences (DOMINO) is an integrated Database of Department of Social Services (DSS) administrative analytical datasets. DOMINO is not a single dataset, but instead, a Database – with each table similar to a ‘segment’, linking to other segments, and leading to new information.
This External version represents the DataMart - a subset list of tables approved for release into external data stores such as the Multi-Agency Data Integration Project (MADIP) and the Remote Access Research Gateway (RARG) - AIHW (SURE).

Standard Releases are unique from the DOMINO dataset by having a synthetic generated person identifier specific to the release to reduce the likelihood of subsequent dataset linkage by non-approved parties.

Data source details

Release Date
Temporal dimension
RARG from 2000 to current extraction date. MADIP from 2006 to current extraction date.

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Provenance records

Source datasets

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