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Metadata is information about how data are defined, structured and represented. It makes data files meaningful by describing the information captured in data, and how it is measured and represented.

Registration Authorities

Registration authorities are groups of people that have some authority to state registration status levels for metadata. These may be committees or agencies with particular governance arrangements or business with specific domain knowledge.

Stewardship Organisations

Stewardship Organisations are groups responsible for maintaining the accuracy and currency of content within the registry, including metadata, files and collections. They have an administrative role acting as a self-contained business unit with their own permissions, Registration processes and workflows. Each Stewardship Organisation should have a scope of responsibility that defines the domain of information it manages to aid discovery of metadata.

Inventory View

An Inventory View provides a customised list of datasets at both registry-wide and stewardship organisation levels. Inventories allow users to view and filter datasets based on pre-defined views with custom fields and attributes, apply filters, and export as CSV or Excel format.


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