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The Commonwealth Department of Social Services is responsible for a diverse range of policies, payments, programs and services that improve the lifetime wellbeing of people and families in Australia.  Delivery and management of these activities generates a large amount of high-value data, about the programs themselves and about the people who receive support from them. To access any of the available metadata click on the any of the dataset names below:

DOMINO data catalogue DOMINO external data catalogue Data Exchange (DEX) catalogue
Data Over Multiple Individual Occurrences (DOMINO) is an integrate DataMart comprising DSS administrative analytical datasets sourced from the Services Australia Enterprise Data Warehouse. This section contains metadata for a subset of DOMINO tables approved for release into external data stores such as the Person Level Integrated Data Asset (PLIDA; formerly known as MADIP). The Data Exchange curated dataset is designed for the sharing of de-identified data for use in analytical projects. This may include data integration or evaluation of programs.
Longitudinal surveys catalogue Social Services data catalogue (Bluebook, Housing, Disability) DSS - other data assets catalogue
This section contains metadata for longitudinal surveys for which DSS has responsibility. This section contains metadata for DSS datasets that contain data about recipients of income support payments. Contains metadata for DSS data assets not otherwise grouped.


Note: these metadata collections contain information about data; the data itself is not available on this site.

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