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The Commonwealth Department of Social Services is responsible for a diverse range of policies, payments, programs and services that improve the lifetime wellbeing of people and families in Australia.  Delivery and management of these activities generates a large amount of high-value data, about the programs themselves and about the people who receive support from them. 

DOMINO  Datasets - Data Over Multiple Individual Occurrences (DOMINO) is an integrated DataMart of Department of Social Services (DSS) administrative analytical datasets sourced from the Services Australia Enterprise Data Warehouse.

MADIP  dataset - This version represents the complete list of DOMINO tables approved for release into external data stores such as the Multi-Agency Data Integration Project (MADIP) and the Remote Access Research Gateway (RARG) - AIHW (SURE).

DEX - Data Exchange datasets - The Data Exchange curated dataset is designed for sharing de-identified data for use in analytics projects.  This may include data integration or evaluation of programs.

DSS Data Assets Register - Available datasets: Bluebook (data on Income Support Recipients); Housing (Commonwealth Rent Assistance Program); LSIC - (Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children);


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