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Services Australia's profile picture Services Australia
The Metadata Registry contains descriptions of the data Services Australia holds, how and why it was collected, and how it is defined, produced, and used. Services Australia collects, stores, creates, uses and releases vast amounts of data. In addition to delivering essential services, this data is an important national asset …
Department of Health and Aged Care
The Department's role is to deliver the Australian Government's priorities (outcomes) for health. It does this by developing evidence based policies, managing programs, and undertaking research and regulatory activities. The Department also leads and works closely with other agencies to achieve results for the Australian Government and community, and engages …
Department of Social Services
The Commonwealth Department of Social Services is responsible for a diverse range of policies, payments, programs and services that improve the lifetime wellbeing of people and families in Australia.  Delivery and management of these activities generates a large amount of high-value data, about the programs themselves and about the people …