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DOMINO stands for Data Over Multiple Individual Occurrences. Established in 2017 as a data asset based on social security payments administrative data, DOMINO provides a very detailed and longitudinal view of individuals' interactions with the welfare system to support a range of government and academic research.

DOMINO captures information about people's changing circumstances over time. Importantly, unlike the official payments data assets, the payments data in DOMINO is regularly updated and revised as further information becomes available. This makes DOMINO a highly reliable and up to date data asset.  

The 'DOMINO (External Analytical Version)' shows the DOMINO tables/distributions with fields/data elements for the external version.

The 'DOMINO (External PLIDA Version)' shows the DOMINO tables/distributions with fields/data elements for PLIDA version.


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The following data sets are included in this catalog:
Name Details
DOMINO (External PLIDA Version) 0.1
Statuses: [Department of Social Services - Datasets (for public use): Preferred Standard, May 28, 2024] [Department of Social Services - Datasets (internal use only): Candidate, April 11, 2024]
This is a representation of the Social Security (DOMINO) information in PLIDA. It aligns with the Modular PLIDA product available...


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