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Help - Getting help

General help pages

These help pages document some of the more common features of the Aristotle Metadata Registry to help new and experienced users understand the main features and functions of the system.

You can return to the help section of the site at any time by clicking "Help" in the header, or you can search for help from the Search bar.

Help about metadata types

The Aristotle Metadata Registry supports a number of metadata standards, and each of these standards includes a number of metadata types that are useful for recording different aspects of data within the registry.

Each type of metadata (such as an Object Class or Data Element) has its own help page that describes when to use it, creation tips, and a description of the fields that are available for that metadata type.

You can also access certain help on metadata fields throughout the system by finding and clicking on contextual help icons that appear when editing or viewing certain items.
In the following example, clicking or activating the "blue help icon" will show more help for the "origin field".

When the context help icon is clicked a help popup will appear to give more information on the field.

Using the Knowledge Base

You can also access a comprehensive and frequently updated Knowledge Base, which provides a breakdown of the features and functions of the Aristotle Metadata Registry and includes screenshots and worked examples to help users.

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