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Aristotle Extensions

Below is a complete listing of the extensions that are used in Metadata Registry, click any of the headings below for more information.

The following content extensions are available in this registry

Aristotle Backwards Compatibility
Classifications Management
Aristotle Concept Links and Relations
This module allows users of the registry to create taxonomies using custom relationships with associated roles, which can be used to create links between metadata items. For example, a user could create a "Broader than" relationship, with "broader term" and "narrower term" as the roles within the relationship. A new link could be made based on this relationship with the broader term end connecting to the Object Class "Person" and the narrower term end pointing to the Object Class "Employee".
Comet Indicator Registry
Comet Indicator Registry adds a number of content type for recording additional metadata for tracking the performance of health institutes.
Aristotle Glossary Extension
Aristotle Glossary Extension adds an additional content type for managing glossary definitions and the UI fields necessary to easily insert them.
Aristotle Dataset Registration Extensions
Aristotle Dataset Extensions adds content types for tracking data set definitions and data sources.
Aristotle Ontology Tools

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