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The Metadata Registry contains metadata belonging to the Department of Social Services, Services Australia and the Department of Health and Aged Care. It can be used to search for information about data that either of these organisations are responsible for.

Each organisation is responsible for managing its own content and membership. Please navigate to the individual organisations below for access to their metadata, or for more information.


Department of Social Services Services Australia  Department of Health and Aged Care


The registry supports a common understanding of the data these organisations hold, how and why it was collected, and how it is defined, produced, and used.

Documenting and managing metadata minimises data-related risks, supports compliance with legislation and policies, increases opportunities to use and improve the quality and design of data assets, and encourages safe and ethical data use, research and innovation to improve customer experience.

Metadata is documented in accordance with information management legislation, policies and standards.

Note: The registry contains information about data, including how to request access to data. It does not itself contain any data.