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DSS Internal (active)



The Department of Social Services (DSS) internal data assets

The following list gives a description of the context of the 11179-6 status levels for DSS Internal.
State Definition Visibility Locked
Not Progressed - Workgroup Unlocked
Incomplete - Workgroup Unlocked
Candidate - Members of Department of Social Services Unlocked
Recorded - Authenticated users Locked
Qualified - Public Locked
Standard - Public Locked
Preferred Standard - Public Locked
Superseded - Members of Department of Social Services Locked
Retired - Members of DSS Internal only Locked
Visibility legend

The below table gives more information on who can view registrations statuses, and registered items when registered based on the above settings.

Visibility settings Users who can view registration statuses and items
Less visible, fewer users Registration Authority Only Only registrars and managers in this Registration Authority can see metadata registered with this visibility level. This is a more restrictive level of visibility that overrides the default visibility behavior.
Workgroup Members of Workgroups that metadata items belong to can see registration status information at this level.
Steward Organisation Members of the Stewardship Organisation (Department of Social Services) that this Registration Authority belongs to is in can view registration information, and can see metadata registered with these statuses.
Authenticated users All authenticated users in the Registry can see items registered with this visibility level.
More visible, more users Public Anyone who can view the registry can see items registered with a status with this visibility level. Users do not log in to see this information.
Locked legend